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Setting an Auto-Reply Message using Webmail

1. Login to Your Webmail Account

Visit Rackspace’s Webmail Login, and enter your email and password to log in.

Webmail Login

2. Select the Menu Beside your Email Address

Webmail Dashboard

3. Select Settings from the Menu

Webmail Select Settings

4. Configure your Auto-Reply

From the Settings window, select Incoming Email from the menu options.

Turn the status of the Auto-Reply to ‘On’, and type your message in the Auto-Reply message field.

Webmail Settings

Optionally, check the ‘Enable only during the following time frame’ box. This will let you set the auto-reply message to deactivate without you having to remember to login and turn it off.

Webmail Time Frame

5. Click Save, and You’re Done!

Optionally send yourself a test email to make sure that everything is in working order.

TIP: If you didn’t set the automatic disabling of the auto-reply for when you return, make sure to remember to login in order to disable the message when you are back in the office.