Case Study #2 - Effective Email Marketing

Case Study #2 - Effective Email Marketing

MediaDoc develops an email marketing system for a national brand, enabling thousands of retailers and customers to connect.

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VuePoint’s custom mass email system allows automated content sharing between their website and email systems. Each week, VuePoint IDS creates email newsletters based on their flagship website articles, advertising, classifieds and event content. They worked with content creators, editors, HTML newsletter programmers and finally mass email services. On top of all this, they had to manage subscriptions to their many newsletters. It was a tedious, costly, and time-consuming process. They dreamed of a better way.

Plan, Build, Support

MediaDoc worked with VuePoint IDS and created a custom mass email system that magically moved content between their WordPress website and their mass email systems. Advertising, articles, classifieds and event content was automatically re-formatted for HTML email delivery. Recipients could manage their email subscriptions with the click of a link. A multi-day process, involving many people, was now achievable in under 30 minutes by a single person.