Case Study #4: Online Learning Platform, Empowered!

Case Study #4: Online Learning Platform, Empowered!

MediaDoc empowers GCP’s online learning platform, enabling a non-profit organization to offer customized online professional development solution for 1000s of paying members.


of students



Geriatric Certificate Program wanted to offer an easy to use, online professional development certificate program for Canada’s geriatric professionals, with minimal administrative overhead and easy partner access.

The key requirements that we identified:

Plan, Build, Support

Prioritize and plan implementation strategies, develop user experience components, list system features and functions, generate timelines and acceptance criteria.

Create the code, test the code, have the code test itself, review, revise and launch.

Provide technical and training support. Monitor and optimize the systems.


With 7,000+ courses taken, thousands of students helped, and more than a dozen partners, the GCP system has minimal administrative requirements - the system runs itself.