Case Study #1: Big Data, Big Reports

Case Study #1: Big Data, Big Reports

The Early Development Instrument Report Generation System takes thousands of data sets and creates custom high-fidelity PDF reports.

more efficient

of reports

Focus staff
on data


The Early Development Instrument is a questionnaire completed on kindergarten students across Canada. Big Data! EDI needed a system that could automate the production of reports across provinces, school-boards and schools. The manual process with MS Word, Excel, mail merges and macros was taking EDI staff weeks and months. They needed a better system.

Plan, Build, Support

Prioritize and plan implementation strategies, develop user-experience and user-interface components, list system features and functions, generate timelines and acceptance criteria.

Create the code, test the code, have the code test itself, review, revise and launch.

Provide technical and training support. Monitor and optimize the systems.

MediaDoc created a secure online system where datasets are uploaded, and report templates managed. The system verifies data, and produces reports. What was taking months now takes hours.