Case Study #3: Management Systems, Modernized

Case Study #3: Management Systems, Modernized

A national service provider with 8 billion in revenues chose MediaDoc to modernize their management systems. Our system powers a national service provider’s training, evaluation and preparedness tracking systems for 20,000+ employees and managers.

data and
analytics coverage

93% reduction
turn around time

85% reduction
staffing requirements


Our client had a problem – a big one. How would they optimize the management and reporting for the training, evaluation and preparedness of 20,000+ retail employees across thousands of locations throughout Canada? Their methods developed over decades were a mix of paper, spreadsheets and unconnected online systems.

MediaDoc was challenged to create modern online systems with the following priority outcomes:

Plan, Build, Support

Prioritize and plan implementation strategies, develop user experience components, list system features and functions, generate timelines and acceptance criteria.

Create the code, test the code, have the code test itself, review, revise and launch.

Provide technical and training support. Monitor and optimize the systems.


We sifted through reams of current forms, workflows, processes and historical data and distilled each requirement to the essential data required, and the optimal methods to gather the data. We planned and tested systems with all the constituents - users, trainers, managers, administrators, and more - to validate the user experience and data output. We built integrated systems to monitor data acquisition and automatically notify trainers and administrators of training results. For everything that was not automatable - things that required human oversight - we provide the human power to quickly and easily process and analyze data.