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Whitespace in Web Design

Posted 2020-11-15
Web Design UI Whitespace

What is whitespace?

In web design, we refer to whitespace as the negative space in between and around elements on a page. A page element is anything on the web page, such as the navigation bar, a block of text, an image, the header or footer. It’s also the space left between page elements – padding between paragraphs and images. It’s the space that is left empty on the page.

A common misconception is tha…

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The Difference an Image Makes

Posted 2020-09-22
Web Design Best Practices

Images have many uses in print and on the web. They command attention, they convey a message, they provoke thoughts, they breathe life into a page. An image can greatly affect the tone of your project. They are an important part of any web design. But images come in all sort of formats, and it’s important to understand the difference between these formats in order to determine what type of file to use.

Our clients often ask us what f…

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Content Is King

Posted 2020-08-20
Web Content SEO Best Practices

The importance of content is paramount for your website. Both in terms of intriguing people for repeat visits and increasing search engine visibility. The reason people continue to visit your website is for the content that lies within.

Sometimes content is imagery, sometimes content is an article, and sometimes content is a comment or forum post a user has made. In any case, you always want to have something new for visitors and presen…

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