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Studied Maths at University, passionate about usability, accessibility, and building things right

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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from MediaDoc

Posted 2021-12-20
Casual Holiday Company Update

From everyone at MediaDoc to anyone who reads this, we wish you a very Merry Christmas. If you celebrate something else then may whatever holiday you enjoy be happy. We are thankful for the clients that we work with, and the projects that we get to share in, and we want to take this time as we head into the Holidays to acknowledge how wonderful it is to work with the people that we work with.

We will be closed from December 23 to Janua…

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Serving Pages Faster

Posted 2021-10-05
Developer Dive Best Practices

There are a wide variety of things that we do in order to try to make your websites load as quickly as possible; some of them are things that content creators can do, and some are things that require access to the site infrastructure to accomplish. A lot of these things are related to each other, meaning if you adjust one it may have an effect on another, either positive or negative, so these things are always done in conjunction with each …

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